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The Shorouq Charitable Society for Women is a Palestinian non-profit organization that is committed to bringing Palestinian women into public sphere.

Open to all Palestinian women regardless of their religious or political beliefs, Shorouq helps women build a better future.

It does this through a range of activities designed to:

  • Improve the status of women and allow them to play an active role in society
  • Empower women to initiate positive change at home and within the broader Palestinian society
  • Integrate women into the economy as a way to enhance their status and influence

Specifically, Shorouq seeds and cultivates independent, women-owned micro-and small businesses, located in Al-Azaria, Palestine. The center conducts training courses, mentoring programs and on-the-job instruction for Palestinian women.

The center is also a safe place for women to meet and engage in a range of general empowerment and enrichment programs in areas including education, health and culture, among others.

Shorouq is actively building partnership with ATS pro Terra Sancta and Mosaic Centre throughout Palestine and abroad, and is also working in conjunction with the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry for women’s affairs in Ramallah (Tawasol Center).

THE PROJECT : Hospitable Bethany: Sustainable Tourism in Support of the Local Community

Shorouq is located in Bethany (al Azariya in Arabic), few kilometers from Jerusalem, along the eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives. Today, Bethany has nearly 20,000 inhabitants.


Bethany has an extraordinary and unique asset: the empty tomb of Lazarus, where the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus happened according to Christian tradition. The tomb has attracted the devotion of the faithful from the beginning of Christianity. Since the 4th c.  the place became an important center of pilgrimage, and is still welcoming thousands of religious tourists.


Shorouq and its partners strongly believes that cultural heritage can be a dynamic element capable of feeding peace –building strategies and prevent conflicts and that sharing historical and cultural roots can alleviate ethnic, religious and social tensions. Individuals who know and understand their own roots, culture and history can better interact with others and their beliefs and practice inter-religious and inter cultural dialogue.

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